copper slag 2 furnace slag 2 copper

Copper Slag 2 Furnace Slag 2 Copper

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The slag forming reaction is: FeO + SiO 2 → FeO.SiO 2. Slag is less dense than matte, so it forms a layer that floats on top of the matte. Copper can be lost from the matte in three ways: as cuprous oxide (Cu 2 O) dissolved in the slag, as sulfide copper dissolved in the slag or as tiny droplets (or prills) of matte suspended in the slag.

Minimization of Copper Losses in Copper Smelting Slag ...

Sep 21, 2012 · For an Fe/SiO 2 ratio in slag between 1.2 and 1.4, and at the above suggested range of Fe in matte, the equilibrium dissolved copper content in slag should be between 0.50 wt.% and 0.55 wt.% Cu. It is noted that this represents soluble copper only and does not take into account mechanically entrained matte and/or copper droplets.

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Some physical and mechanical properties of copper slag is shown in Table 2. Air-cooled copper slag has a black colour and glassy appearance. The specific gravity varies with iron content, from a low of 2.8 to as high as 3.8. The unit weight of copper slag is somewhat higher than that of conventional aggregate.


Shaft furnace is high efficiency equipment with high heat-availability factor of fuel consumption due to material and gases opposite flow within the furnace. The main purpose of slag processing is extraction copper out of copper, brass and bronze slag fractions of 30 – 100 mm with copper content not less than 5 %, receiving molten metal and ...

Performance Characteristics of Copper and Coal Slag Abrasives

Six copper slag and 2 coal slag abrasive products from 6 different suppliers were selected for evaluation. A G-40 steel grit was used as a control. Triplicate six-inch (15-centimeter) by six-inch (15-centimeter) panels were blasted to SSPC-SP 5, White Metal, using each test abrasive and the G-40 steel grit control for a total of 27 panels.

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Copper slag, or fayalite slag, is a by-product obtained during the matte smelting, converting and refining of copper (Fig. 7.11). 54,59 It has been estimated that for every tonne of copper produced, about 2.2 tonnes of slag is generated, 60 as a consequence of the relatively low grades of copper concentrates now available. The global production of refined copper over the past eight years is ...

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Oct 02, 2019 · Copper slag is a by-product created during the copper smelting and refining process. As refineries draw metal out of copper ore, they produce a large volume of non-metallic dust, soot, and rock. Collectively, these materials make up slag, which can be used for a surprising number of applications in the building and industrial fields.

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2.1. Materials 2.1.1. Copper Slag The copper slag used in the experiments is a byproduct generated during the cleaning of electric furnace slag and refining of copper in Tongling Non-ferrous Metals Group Holding Co., Ltd (Tongling, China). As shown in Table1, the main stone compositions contained in the waste slag are 42.85 wt. %

Recover Copper from Reverberatory Furnace Slag

Laboratory and pilot plant investigations have indicated that copper recoveries of 50% can be achieved with fine grinding and flotation of a copper reverberatory furnace slag. Microscopic and microprobe studies indicate that the recoverable copper is in the form of matte, chalcocite, and metallic copper; the percentage of copper in particles appearing to be copper-free was from 0.23 – 0.54% ...

Minimization of Copper Losses in Copper Smelting Slag ...

Minimization of Copper Losses in Copper Smelting Slag During Electric Furnace Treatment PASCAL COURSOL,1,4 NUBIA CARDONA VALENCIA,2 PHILLIP MACKEY,3 STACY BELL,2 and BOYD DAVIS2 1.—Barrick Gold Corporation, Toronto, ON, Canada. 2.—Kingston Process Metallurgy, Kingston,

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Secondary copper blast furnace slag was treated with carbon to derive the conditions for maximum recovery of copper with minimum simultaneous reduction of iron oxide.

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A slag by-product of such workings was a colorful, glassy, vitreous material found on the surfaces of slag from ancient copper foundries. It was primarily blue or green and was formerly chipped away and melted down to make glassware products and jewelry. It was also …

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Copper slag is a by-product of copper extraction by smelting.During smelting, impurities become slag which floats on the molten metal. Slag that is quenched in water produces angular granules which are disposed of as waste or utilized as discussed below.

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Copper slag 0.2-2.4mm is typically used for removal of mill scale, rust, paint layers, dirt and old coating; and creation of deep surface profiles or required for superior adhesion of the subsequent coatings. It can also be used as an additive for floor hardening. copper …

12.3 Primary Copper Smelting

Slag produced by flash furnace operations contains significantly higher amounts of copper than reverberatory or electric furnaces. Flash furnace slag is treated in a slag cleaning furnace with coke or iron sulfide. Because copper has a higher affinity for sulfur than oxygen, the copper in the slag (as copper oxide) is converted to copper sulfide.


the silicate slag could reach up to 2%, which demands further processing of the slag. Processing of such, copper rich slag, is facilitated using flotation or electro-precipitation of remaining sulfides resulting with about 0.5% Cu in the remaining waste slag [2, 3]. Those copper losses in the waste slag are strongly influencing the economy of

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Melting should be performed without excessive losses of copper, either by volatilization or in any slag which cannot be returned to the blast furnace or reverberatory furnace for re-smelting.The process should be susceptible to ready mechanical manipulation for charging and tapping.

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Copper slag is an industrial by-product material produced from the process of manufacturing copper. It has been estimated that approximately 24.6 million ton of slag is generated from world copper industry [1,2]. In the Sultanate of Oman, approximately 60,000 tons of copper slag is produced every year by Oman Mining Company.

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